Using Positive Reinforcement For A Misunderstood Dog

Understanding The History Behind Unique Dog Grooming Techniques

24 February

Dog shows are wonderful places to marvel at extreme grooming methods. What you may not know is that the grooming behind these dogs is actually historically rooted. Here are three dog breeds with interesting grooming routines that are reminiscent of the dogs’ original purposes. Poodle Today’s Poodle owners usually groom their dogs with a Continental […]

Not Sure How Your Little One Will React To Their Pet’s Hospital Stay? Tips To Make A Pet Hospital Stay Easier On Your Child

12 February

What parent doesn’t love to look over at their young child cuddled up on the couch with their little puppy or kitten? One of the best parts of childhood is having a pet. It teaches a child how to take responsibility, as the child now needs to ensure that the pet has the proper food, […]

Helpful Tips For Getting Your Leopard Gecko’s Habitat Ready For Winter

23 January

One of the most important parts of caring for a reptile is ensuring that their habitat is safe and stimulating for them. This becomes especially important when winter arrives due to the colder weather the season comes with. Since leopard geckos and all reptiles are ectothermic, they’re not able to regulate their temperature on their […]

Does Your Dog Have Worms?

22 January

Maintaining your dog’s health is your top priority as a pet owner, but even if you do everything wrong, your dog may still get worms. This is a treatable condition, but you first need to know what signs to look out for. Here are some of the most common signs that dogs can show when […]

2 Reasons To Have Your Dog Groomed

07 January

Pet grooming is an absolutely vital part of making sure that your dog is safe and healthy. Two reasons to take your dog to a groomer are for his or her comfort and to avoid health issues. Comfort Keeping your dog comfortable is one of the most important things that a groomer can help you […]