Using Positive Reinforcement For A Misunderstood Dog

Shy Pup? 3 Fun Ways To Encourage Socialization

16 November

Dogs are by nature social creatures that prefer living with a pack, even in the wild. Yet, it is normal for dog owners to discover that their favorite pooch gets a little nervous in the company of strangers. According to the Humane Society, puppies between three and twenty weeks of age are more open to […]

3 Things That Are Worse For Your Cat Than You Think They Are

20 October

You love your cat. There’s no doubt about that. You show it by cleaning the litter box, tossing tiny mouse toys, spoiling your cat with treats, and plenty of other rituals that add so much joy to your cat’s life. But, some of the things many owners allow their cats to enjoy could be detrimental […]

How To Acclimate Your Puppy To Regular Nail Clippings

22 September

Trimming a dog’s nails is an important part of keeping his body healthy, but it’s not always an easy task. Dogs are often reluctant to let you handle their feet, generally out of fear, and it’s even harder with puppies. Even so, acclimating your puppy to regular nail clippings while they’re young will help to […]

Why You Should Keep Your Cat Indoors

27 August

Although pet cats are domesticated animals, some owners believe that cats can only be happy if they are allowed to roam free outdoors. However, as responsible stewards of their pets, owners should be aware of the many dangers faced by outdoor cats. These dangers include: Physical trauma Physical harm can come from many sources when […]

Deworming, Fecal Testing, Or Both – Keeping Your Horse Free Of Internal Parasites

04 August

As a horse owner, you want to be sure your horse is healthy. This includes doing all you can to keep them free of internal parasites. There are a few preventative methods, and you’ll find horse owners that swear theirs is the best. The responsible thing to do is gather information, then make your decision […]

Understanding The Danger And Removal Of Skunks

16 July

If you live in a rural area, chances are good that you’ve smelled a skunk before, even if just while traveling down the highway. This can be a miserable encounter if experienced up close and personal, which is why you need to be sure that you are doing everything possible to heed the warnings, understand […]

Horsing Around Safely: Horseback Riding Safety Tips For Kids

22 June

At some point, what child doesn’t want a pony or a horse? Even as our world becomes increasingly digitized and technocentric, horseback riding remains one of the most popular hobbies for children. If you’re considering signing up your child for horseback riding lessons this summer, it’s important to teach them some basic safety rules before […]

Helping Fido Fend Off Heartworm Disease

03 June

Heartworm disease is a very real threat to dogs widely, and it can easily be contracted when pets are left untreated or protected from this condition. Veterinarians will give a quick and inexpensive Heartworm test before prescribing oral preventatives that should keep your dog free from the risks of this lethal disease, often that is […]